Highlights of 2023

The financial information, including comparative figures for 2022, as included in the management report relates to the TMF Group operational entities (TMF Sapphire Midco B.V.). Read more about Highlights of 2023 .

Letter from the Chair

In my first year as chair of the TMF Group Supervisory Board, I’m delighted to be able to report strong results, with double digit revenue and EBITDA growth over prior year. Read more about Letter from the Chair .

Letter from the CEO

TMF Group exists to be a trusted, global partner to our clients as they invest and operate around the world. Read more about Letter from the CEO .

Our strategy

TMF Group Holding B.V. ("TMF Group") exists to help our clients invest and operate safely around the world. We provide compliance and administrative services in 87 jurisdictions. Read more about Our strategy .

Our purpose and vision 

We make a complex world simple. We exist to help our clients invest and operate around the world, speedily, securely and efficiently. Read more about Our purpose and vision  .

Our clients

We have put client care at the top of our agenda, introduced senior client sponsorship roles and measures of local service quality. Read more about Our clients .

Our people

Our client service ultimately hinges on the quality and motivation of our people. As such, we have invested in their engagement and development. That includes a relaunch of our purpose and values supported by our One TMF campaign. Read more about Our people .

Financial review

TMF Group Holding B.V. was incorporated on 13 June 2022 as part of the acquisition of TMF Sapphire Topco B.V. ("Topco") by a shareholder group led by CVC Capital Partners and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority; and had Read more about Financial review .


TMF Group Holding B.V. (“TMF Group”) is the parent company of our operational entities. Read more about Governance .


TMF Group is committed to making a positive impact to the communities where it operates, and aims to integrate comprehensive sustainability reporting with full assurance into its annual report by end of financial year 2025. Read more about Sustainability .

Risk management

TMF Group business is subject to risks and uncertainties both as a firm in our own right and as a partner to our clients in providing them with critical services within local rules and regulations. Read more about Risk management .

Consolidated statement of cash flow

TMF Group Holding B.V. ("TMF Group") presents its cash flows from operating activities using the indirect method. Read more about Consolidated statement of cash flow .

Notes to the company financial statements

The Company financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the Dutch GAAP and financial reporting requirements included in Part 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code. Read more about Notes to the company financial statements .

Other information

According to Article 20 of the Company’s Articles of Association, the treatment of the net result for the year is at the discretion of the General Meeting of Shareholders. Read more about Other information .