Letter from the Chair

In my first year as chair of the TMF Group Supervisory Board, I’m delighted to be able to report strong results, with double digit revenue and EBITDA growth over prior year. My own career in global financial and professional services has taught me the importance of managing the complexity of operating in disparate locations around the world with complex local rules. Having a global partner you can rely on with strong service and quality controls is what attracted me to chair TMF Group. Our ambition is simple - to be the best way for clients to invest and operate safely around the world.

We are a people business and I’m pleased we measure how well TMF Group is working for its colleagues as the basis by which it works for its clients. We stay close to how colleagues and clients are doing, and the board sees the same dashboards from each individual office on the action, engagement and retention that underpin our success.

Over time, I want to see TMF Group add as much value as it can for its clients, whether through product innovation or through data insights that help clients manage the risks and opportunities of how they operate. ESG reporting, for example, is now a significant administrative burden on clients, particularly for those subject to the EU CSRD requirements. Having TMF Group put together a simple way of creating the necessary reporting is intended to be a helpful response to an acute need that our clients now face.

Finally, we are in the business of keeping our clients safe and on the right side of the many rules that they need to comply with. Regrettably some of the most attractive countries for our clients to invest are also the most complex to do business in. Our own governance is a critical test of that ability. We aspire to being a brand that gives our clients and regulators utmost confidence in proper standards of care for administrative support. As such, I and my fellow supervisory board members are committed to ensuring the highest quality of governance within TMF Group to make sure that the way we operate, whom we work for and what we do for them are all aligned with that ambition.

Ann Cairns | Chair of Supervisory Board