Our clients

Grow with our clients

We have put client care at the top of our agenda, introduced senior client sponsorship roles and measures of local service quality. As a result, we have seen a doubling of client responses to our surveys and consistent Net Promoter Score (NPS), resulting in NPS of 47 (2022: 44) which is 47% above our industry benchmark. The result has seen improved client attrition rate and overall new inflow of sales for 2022 and 2023 onward. A distinct feature of TMF Group is that we serve many of our clients in only a few of their locations, reflecting a history of more local client marketing. We have identified around €1bn of revenue opportunity by serving 1,400 high potential clients in their other locations for the services that they already use us for. We have constructed a consolidation campaign around this as an important part of our growth plan.

We serve an exceptional set of clients